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Serving Placer County and the surrounding area

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A firewood business with a focus on customer service

Placer Firewood operates on a delivery-only model; you contact us with an order and we arrive at your business or residence and deliver the wood.

Standard delivery includes the wood dropped wherever the delivery vehicle can access.  We offer a stacking service where we stack the wood at your rack's location.

We offer a no-risk-policy when buying from us; whether your wood is not performing as expected or the amount delivered is incorrect we will ensure any issues are corrected.

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Cooking Wood | Premium Heating Wood | Affordable Heating Wood

All the wood we sell is fully seasoned.  We focus on three main types of products:

- Premium Cooking Wood:  We specialize in oak and almond wood.  We work directly with land and orchard owners to create a consistent supply of oak and almond wood for our year-round customers.  Whether you own a smokehouse restaurant, pizzeria, or are simply cooking with wood for the weekend, we can supply you with very dry and uniform wood.  We can even re-split cooking wood to fit your cooking style.

- Premium Heating Wood:  We maintain a year-round supply of hardwoods for home heating.  Whether you like the long burning nature of oak, the minimal ash produced by almond, or the extremely hot BTUs achieved by eucalyptus, we have something for you.

- Affordable Home Heating Wood:  We collaborate with handfuls of local tree service companies to receive the trees from tree removal jobs.  We cut this wood, season it, and process it down to firewood.  This firewood is made up of a variety of soft, medium, and hardwoods found in the greater Sacramento area.  This mixed wood is usually very easy to burn and can provide a very economical home heating alternative to using utilities.

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