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Serving the greater Roseville area

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We are a firewood business with a focus on customer service.  We are your neighbor first and your firewood supplier second.

We have our woodyard in Roseville and are happy to help load, or wood can be ordered through our website for it to be delivered.

We deliver from Sacramento to Auburn to El Dorado Hills and everywhere in between.

We offer a no-risk-policy when buying from us; whether your wood is not performing as expected or the amount delivered is incorrect, we will ensure any issues are corrected.

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Cooking Wood | Heating Wood | Outdoor Wood | Retail Bundled Wood

All the wood we sell is fully seasoned.

We sell everything from a single bundle of camping wood to specially dried and processed cooking wood for local wood-fired restaurants.  

- Premium Cooking Wood:  Our cooking wood is re-split to the ideal cooking size that makes managing heat distribution a breeze.  We have adjusted our seasoning process and splitting size based on multiple years worth of customer feedback.  Our cooking customers include smokehouse restaurants, wood-fired pizzerias, and residential cooking customers.

- Heating Wood:  We maintain a year-round supply of heating wood and offer both, premium and value-based firewood.  We have customers that want only oak or almond, mixed wood at the best possible price, or a mixture of both.  Regardless of your preference, we have fully seasoned wood that will warm your space.

- Outdoor Wood:  When burning wood for camping or a fire pit you may not want to invest in premium hardwood.  We offer a variety of products aimed at making outdoor burning as economical as possible.  From supplying casinos with multiple cords at a time for outdoor bonfires, to providing one bag of wood chunks for a solo stove, we have something for your social gathering.

- Bundled Wood: Our wood bundles include a combination of hardwood, softwood, and kindling.  The quality can be felt by simply weighing one of our bundles and comparing it to any other bundle on the market.  Our customers range from gas stations to hardware stores to single customers needing wood for a single use.

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